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Feature subcategory Category:Linux and OS
Requesters Gnu, Ben, Erik, Greg, Marvin
Requirements * Allow listing, copying and finding files with standard Unix commands in the terminal view.
  • Must still allow use of the Journal
  • Make it easy to see a file in the journal and then to find the same file in the terminal.
  • The datastore

Sugar's design calls for a centralized rich data storage system, the datastore. The datastore provides secure, limited file access to Activities, manages file metadata, maintains a differentially compressed history of all work, ensures reliable backups to a trusted server, and mediates the connection to removable media. Every one of these features is crucial to Sugar's functioning, and almost none are really working at this time.

Specification From Ben's comments:


There have, at this point, been at least five distinct proposals for a next-generation datastore design, all differing in underlying implementation and user-facing functionality. We need to have a Once And For All datastore summit, draw up a compromise datastore design, and implement it. We can do this by 9.1.0, if we are willing to make it a priority.

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