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Feature subcategory Category:Security, activation and deployability
Requesters User:Eben, User:CScott
  • Must allow upgrade of new XO Software via the Software Control Panel
  • Must allow install from OLPC server using build name (same as olpc-update script but now in GUI)
  • Must allow configuration (including setting default via the Image Customization feature) of a School Server or another server or a USB stick as the source of the image.
  • Must allow setting of "latest" image when choosing what to download. e.g. on the School Server there should be a directory where you can place the "latest image". Then the XO user should be able to get the "latest image" off the school server without specifying the build number.
Owners Please indicate developers or champions supporting this request
Priority 1
Helps deployability? yes
Target for 9.1? yes
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