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Feature subcategory Category:GUI and usability
Requesters User:Homunq
Requirements All options in the menu and frame should be accessible from the keyboard (ctrl-xxx). There should be some way to see what key is associated with a given option, both when using it and when "looking for the key". This should require a minimum (ideally, zero) programming from activity developers. This is a key part of the strategy for improving the situation of bad trackpads; it is unrealistic to expect the trackpad problem to be 100% resolved.
Specification Holding the control (or frame) key should show semitransparent letters/numbers over any menu (or frame) gadget visible. These letters should also appear for ~150 ms when an option is chosen. Default letters should be chosen by the relevant python classes if not specified by developer. Any specification should be localizable. Ideally, contextual menu options should be accessible with multiple keystrokes.
Owners User:Homunq
Priority 3
Helps deployability? no
Target for 9.1? no
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