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Requirements * thought experiment : how does one present an activity (has its own isolation-friendly code) that includes a library bundle (its own browser-browsable static content, help and supplemental materials) and a generic resource bundle (a repository of sounds and images) look like? How do other parts of the system (the Journal, Browse, other activities) see and interact with these three collections of material (to browse and copy the code, to view the static content, to aggregate the resource collections with other collections)?
  • a Dynamic library implementation
  • coordination of a unified help interface building on top of the library bundles defined for each activity on the system.
    • integration of some way to update and share this. related to how to leave a comment on/about an activity or file/resource
  • coordination of local library bundles, and regional caches of viewed material, school server caches of bundles, and web caches.
  • cleaner display of available bundles via a bundle updater; relatd to but not the same as the current software upgrade function, which has a strong emphasis on olpc-stamped/signed materials
Specification * API and .info unification across content and activity bundles. Making both and a general generic bundle clearly described within an overarching bundle format.

Suggestions from Scott below

  • The current API is a mess, doesn't match the documentation on the wiki, is inconsistent with the activity.info format, etc.
  • Merging content and activities -- a bundle ought to be able to have *both* a library.info *and* an activity.info
  • Using a content format which is consistent with "offline internet" content -- more or less consider installing content files as pushing stuff into an offline cache
  • Dynamic generation of the top-level "home" page so we don't need to run the indexer after installing content bundles.
Owners User:SJ
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