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Feature subcategory Category:Activity-related work
Requesters Birmingham, User:Juliano
Requirements From Birmingham:
  • Firefox, Flash, mplayer
  • A spreadsheet (I'm going to use gnumeric until Socialcalc is ready for production)
  • A more full featured pdf reader (yes, I know there's the Read activity, but I'm planning on installing the full evince and making sure Firefox can open PDFs with it)
  • A document editor the user can insert images into (the full Abiword would be great for this, but the current workaround [after editing a file] is to open write, then hit ctrl+n)

From Juliano:

  • More development environments.
  • Better Flash support. Minimum on par with FF on XP. From test report by Emiliano and thread on sur list.
Owners Please indicate developers or champions supporting this request
Priority 2
Helps deployability? no
Target for 9.1? no
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