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Feature subcategory Category:Server
Requesters Please indicate countries or engineers making the request
Requirements Improve scalability of (ejabberd) server-based presence
  • Complete Gadget implementation, which should hopefully fix our current scalabity issues and offer new features as activity and buddies search. (cassidy)
  • Integrate Gadget in glucose. It will require work on several modules, including sugar-presence-service, sugar-toolkit and sugar. (cassidy, morgs)
  • Integrate gadget in the Sugar UI. ticket #7711 (erikos, eben)
Specification See Gadget integration TODO for more details.
Owners User:Guillaume Desmottes, User:Dafydd Harries, User:Eben, User:Morgs
Priority not indicated
Helps deployability? not indicated
Target for 9.1? not indicated

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