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Feature subcategory Category:Other
Requesters User:Gregorio
Requirements This idea came from watching kids and grownups gathering around an XO and trying to see what someone else is doing.
  • Must allow zooming the screen in so that a portion of the screen is "magnified"
  • Must allow centering the zoom on different parts of the screen. Possibly chosen by centering where the cursor is or possibly selecting a box with drag or keyboard input.
  • Must allow several zoom (magnification not sugar zoom levels) levels, preferably a smooth range from 1x to 10x
  • Must allow scrolling to move the magnified image to see things otherwise off screen. Preferably a smooth scroll but can be discrete steps if needed. Must allow scrolling via cursor or keyboard input (keyboard needed in case XO has a gimpy cursor). Must allow user choice of scroll input by user configuration (cursor or keyboard).
  • Should allow one touch snap back to 1:1.
  • Should have as clean interpolation as possible.
Specification Ben said that the Geode has HW scaling with interpolation. This feature should come at no/bare minimum cost to CPU cycles and performance.
Owners User:Gregorio
Priority not indicated
Helps deployability? not indicated
Target for 9.1? not indicated
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