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Feature subcategory Category:Security, activation and deployability
Requesters Peru?
Requirements Sometimes known as 'active kill'. If the laptop is stolen, the serial number can be added to a 'stolen laptop' list so the laptop's activation can be turned off the next time it finds either a local school server or a global tracking server.
  • A trusted administrator can log into a central system (either regionally controlled or OLPC controlled) and add a serial number to the 'Stolen' list.
  • Any laptop that connects to a local or global server that finds a match on the 'Stolen' list, and it was originally activated with an activation key, will be de-activated.
  • The security must ensure that the person adding the stolen laptop is a person who has been given that access; and that the server causing the de-activation is a server that has been given that right.
  • Re-activating the laptop again requires the same procedure as initial activation or lease management.
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