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Feature subcategory Category:Security, activation and deployability
Requesters Peru
Requirements Provide XS database and an API so that countries can create reports and monitoring for various aspects of XOs such as:
  • Version of code
  • Which laptops are being seen each day
  • Total number of laptops being seen per day
  • Number of laptops accessing the internet
  • List of URLs being accessed
  • List of URLs per laptop
  • Which activities are being used per laptop
  • Number of minutes in each activity per laptop; can we determine (and subtract) idle time?
  • Number of minutes in each activity within and outside of school hours (perhaps this means we capture the 'start' time of each activity and allow the reporting to decide if this is during or outside of school hours).

This is not as high priority for their deployment as the passive lease management, but I believe this feature will be important for any deployment. We should try to get feedback from other deployments as to the information we want to collect.

Specification I (Kim) think there might be some work in the XO to make the information available; and a database and API spec from the school server.
Owners User:Kimquirk
Priority not indicated
Helps deployability? not indicated
Target for 9.1? not indicated
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