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Find 10 plants. 10 insects. 10 rocks. Photograph them. And their surroundings. Describe them. With words. With sketches. Classify them (tall, short, big ears, small ears, etc). Are the two things you and your friend saw the same kind of thing? Make a field guide. Use a field guide.

There are many curriculum units on the web for looking at the plants and animals in your own "backyard". "Backyard jungle" units. Or for looking closely at a single square meter. Basically doing ecological surveys. The guides generally use paper and an optional digital camera. The XO seems an ideal tool for this. So we need to collect/edit lesson plans. Perhaps tailor software.

The XO is of course also a good tool for ethnographic and linguistic surveys. Gathering stories, creating dictionaries, recording pronunciations. There various articles on the wiki discussing these. link them


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