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About Finance One

Finance One is a Simple Finance application which will teach the OLPC users various aspects of banking and in general cost maintenance. It would provide a simple income / expense register, monthly tracking and help the students mainatin their accounts. Learning and having an idea of finance matters is very important in today`s world. This application just tries to do the same.

Features of the App. (Expected)

1) a simple income / expense register

2) monthly expense tracker

3) budget planner

4) expense & income categories separately to keep a check on, how much money is saved actually.

5) a loan calculator.

6) I would like to add another feature where-in a OLPC user will have an online identity in a separate Finance portal meant separately for the OLPC users. Here OLPC user can keep a track of the loans he/she has taken from a friend , and thus the loan data may also be visible to other OLPC finance users. Thus other users will also be able to know whether to deal money with a particular user or not. This will make money-lending more reliable and simpler.

7) The idea can later be extended to include proper bank transactions. Where in options for internet-banking will be incorporated for easy and safe banking, hassle free of course.

8) Also I have an idea for implementing a model barter system the details of which I will file in my OLPC GSoC application.

Visit a detailed information

UI Mockups

UI Mockups for the above description may be found here

About Me

Debjit Saha, Sophomore, ECE Major. I have been working on c/c++ for three years and also have developed an employee management system which won a best project implementation award. Other programming skills I posses are PHP/MySQL, JavaScript and Python. I have also developed a localsite to automate the process for local ACM coding contests in the college. Currently I am working with PyGTK. Contact me: mail and messenger: messenger only: IRC Nick: dkd903/dkd903_/dkd903__

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