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Firefox 3.0 Release Party Mark-2!

The Open Source web browser Firefox officially released their 3.0 version on Tuesday, June 17th 2008. OLPC is throwing a second party in honor of Firefox at our offices in Cambridge. If you would like to attend, drop a line to seth at and you will be put on the guest list for access into the building.

Time and Date

The host of our first party was unfortunately absent so a second party is being thrown to give away the massive amounts of swag given to us by Mozilla.

  • One Cambridge Center
  • Cambridge Ma N of the MIT campus
  • Monday, June 23rd, 6pm
  • RSVP required email seth at laptop dot org
  • In case of Emergency call seth at 509-361-3416


The group will be installing Firefox 3 on the XO laptop (see Firefox on the Activities page) and doing a variety of experiments and tests. The wearing of Firefox party Hats is required.


  • Seth
  • Dan
  • Ankur
  • Bobby
  • Sarah Smith
  • Zach Sheppard
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