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Activity-terminal.svg    This activity is now hosted at the Sugar Activity Library.

The information here is likely to be out-of-date. Consult the new pages for "FollowMe" first:

This activity was core

How to install

Download this .xo file using the Browse activity: FollowMe-3.xo

Activity Summary

Icon: Image:Activity-terminal.svg
Genre: Other
Activity group: Activities/G1G1
Short description: A simple object detector
Maintainers: User:AlanJAS
Repository URL:
Available languages:
Available languages (codes):
Pootle URL:
Related projects:
URL from which to download the latest .xo bundle
Last tested version number: 3
The releases with which this version of the activity has been tested. 8.1.0 (703), 8.1.1 (708), 8.2.0 (767)
Development status: 6. Mature
Ready for testing (development has progressed to the point where testers should try it out):
smoke tested :
test plan available :
test plan executed :
developer response to testing :
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