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Session Ident: #olpc-foodforce


MurielGodoi, deepank, Ankur, Anubhav

<Ankur> We formalized the discussion and also ran the code. We have not put on the net the document you sent us, but we modified it to some extent.

<MurielGodoi> I requested ivan to move the food force project to the main git tree

<MurielGodoi> I would like to know your opinion about the ff-2 interface considering ff1 game

<deepank> Other than limiting the gamer to just buying and selling; we can give more controls to user by allowing him to have a say in the facilities building

<MurielGodoi> I was thinking something when you pass the mouse over the facilities

<deepank> Yes that can be done; all vital statistics of facilities are displayed when mouse is moved over them and they can be played around with

<MurielGodoi> maybe it can open a dialog displaying the facility status and expansion options, like school level2

<ANkurANubhav> yes and the health of the building e.g when a building is being constructed, its progress can be displayed And after some time, building can be upgraded with utilization of some resources providing more facilites.

<MurielGodoi> the hospital can blink in red when it need more resources

<deepank> yes and the windows blinking red would give a good effect

<MurielGodoi> I agree. but by now we have move work to do in game model


<MurielGodoi> I think we can set tasks

1) game model

ps: basic game movel

2) method to allow game model set the gui elements

3) method to allow gui elements send info to the model

I think we need that done before start new issues

<deepank> Can I ask one very basic question. What exactly is a game model? ... I mean does it include simulation or the classes of objects in the game

<MurielGodoi> it includes data structures and as start a full simulation, forget AI for now including the method turn, which will process the simulation. as a first step the data structure is enough, methods to set the data like school.addRecource('book', 45) or hospital.consumeRecource('medicine', 20)

<MurielGodoi> I think 2 guys on data structure and 1 coding methods to show the data status in the gui. forget the animation for now

<deepank> hmm. We will need data structures for the resources : Water, medicine etc and facilties. Also internal structures like number of villagers, properties of villagers

<MurielGodoi> there is a general resources class in the git. just the skeleton. general classes: resource, facility and indicator, 1 for the village aspects as money, resource stock, so we create the specific ones which extends the general and instantiates it. facilities and indicators should have the method next_turn which will be called on each turn to update the values

<deepank> ok got it ... in which file is the resource class present? the dummy one in the present source code folder

<MurielGodoi> That is incomplete, but maybe you can use that as a start

<MurielGodoi> What do you think about: 2 guys on data structure and 1 coding methods to show the data status in the gui as the next step?

<deepank> Would we need to create subclasses of base class like Indicator for different indicators like health nutrition etc because most of the elements will be same

<MurielGodoi> depending on the modeling... If we get a good generic class it is not needed

<deepank> I don't think we will not need it most probably ... depends on modelling though

<MurielGodoi> so we can set the formula in a way like that: health.addWeight('Hospital': 0.6, 'Housing': '0.2', 'School': 0.2) so the health status will be hospitalstatus*0.6+housing status*0.2 + school*0.2

<ANkurANubhav> So for our next step, we will make the classes specific and then show the status on gui.

<deepank> I think we must first do the data modelling before directly making the classes

<ANkurANubhav> Yes, that could be done. We could model the data and make a document on it.

<deepank> using ER diagrams; because as i feel it now; there are a lot of chances of missing some data elements

<ANkurANubhav> After finalizing it, we can make the code and classes.

<deepank> What do u think Muriel?

<MurielGodoi> deepank: maybe class diagrams. I wonder about the advantages of ER over the class considering that python is oo

<deepank> hmm ... Class diagram will be better and more direct. it will directly get coded in python too

<MurielGodoi> deepank: you got it. it is easier to transfer to the code... it is natural

<deepank> yes... but we are always taught to first make ERs before class diagrams; though in this case we can easily jump over to class diagarams since we comprehend the problem very well

<MurielGodoi> well... if ER diagram helps you to better understand the problem, so you are free to do that. The important is get a good data structure

<deepank> I feel in this problem we can skip over it since, I feel like I have a good understanding of problem

<ANkurANubhav> Yes, we will make the classes and meet this friday with the ER models from which we make classes.

Session Time: Tue Feb 12 00:00:00 2008

Session Close: Tue Feb 12 00:04:26 2008

Meeting Ends

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