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<deepank> Muriel: I do not understand why we need two quantities of resources : one for market and another for village

<deepank>Muriel : only one village is there in the market

<deepank>about the status update,written 70-80% of code of still learning python

<MurielGodoi> by market I meant, available to purchase.

<Ankur> The Market resources are not exclusively the village resources.

<deepank> you said that a market and a village will have different buying and selling prices

<deepank> but that is not possible

<Ankur>Village's selling and buying depends upon the market.

<MurielGodoi> Have you played dopwars?

<deepank> no

<MurielGodoi> that is a classic trade game

<Ankur> We have to take care about selling and purchasing for market only. The resources which are bought/sold from Market will have a direct effect on Village resources. Meaning to say, that we are only trading with market's resources. Muriel, Am I right?

<deepank>muriel : i will send u the code

<deepank>it is still incomplete and am stuck at modeling resources due to this

<MurielGodoi> consider the market as a external entity... the village will trade resources with it. each one has their own stock

<deepank> yes ok ... i got all that but the thing is how can they have different buying and selling prices. who will decide when village wants to sell at lets say 20 rupees while market says i will only buy in 10 rupees or market is offering 30

<MurielGodoi>If I am selling the market buys my rice to 15

<Ankur> Market can be treated as a black box with some limited resources. Whenever I want to buy food in return of selling medicine, I have to call a market_sell function which accordingly depending upon the input parameter, increases the village's resources.

<MurielGodoi> but if I want to buy the market sells it to me to $20

<deepank> ok i take their average prices. ok that will do

<deepank> sent the code

<Anubhav_> i believe the price of resources will be maintd. by the game engine, which will increase gradually when the village keeps on selling goods of same type, so that the village wont get the same money in return. For ex: for 100 food initially we are getting 100 units in return , but the second time we sell the 100 food we will get only 90 units back. All this can be mantd. by game engine

<Ankur> This is okay. We can take average price. or we can have same selling price of village and buying price of market to reduce some complexity of our code.

<deepank>Ankur: yes i will make those changes

<MurielGodoi> Ankur: we can keep the same prices for this first step

<Ankur> After designing the code for, please tell us what should be ours next step.

<MurielGodoi> Ankur: link the model with the gui

<Ankur> Yes, then we can proceed further. The best way is to design a basic model first and then proceed complexity.

<MurielGodoi>Ankur: and a very basic game engine

<deepank>Muriel : You did not send the links about the game model

<Ankur> Yes, take a look at the code

<MurielGodoi> deepank: about differents quantities in market and village. is it okay?

<deepank> yes, see the code, I will take an average of the two prices. oh, sorry, i haven't sent the latest one. I will once it is complete

<deepank> Muriel:What is the status of the repository and artwork

<MurielGodoi> deepank: Ivan mailed me this weekend. He is not handling repository requests anymore. So he indicates me a new e-mail to request it. so I re-sent the request to the new e-mail

<Ankur> price = (self.buy_price + market.buy_price )/2 in get_buy_price...Right?

<deepank> Muriel:ok

<Anubhav_> ok

<deepank> Ankur : yes

<Ankur> This is the only change required

<deepank> market_price = self.buy_price + (((MAX_RES_VAL/2 - self.market_quantity)/MAX_RES_VAL) * PRICE_VARIATION)

<deepank> village_price = self.buy_price + (((MAX_RES_VAL/2 - self.village_quantity)/MAX_RES_VAL) * PRICE_VARIATION)

<deepank>and then

<deepank>price = (market_price + village_price)/2

<Ankur> Or we can do like this: whenever a person calls sell function parameter with the parameter to be sold and the amount, then only sell_price is calculated using get_sell_price(self) function, the corresponding return price being deducted from the village resource and also, the correponding village money being increased by value returned from buy_price function


<Ankur> thats good.

<Ankur> This is what we we will aim at.

<MurielGodoi> MurielGodoi: I need a time to take a better look into the code and think about that formulas

<Ankur> Sure, we can discuss this later then, if you wish.

<MurielGodoi> can we meet again tommorow?

<Ankur> For linking with GUI, we have to code right?

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