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<deepank> did you get my mail earlier in the week?

<murielgodoi> about python coding

<deepank> Yes

<murielgodoi> As I was a java developer before coding in python, I'm used to eclipse,

due to that I use eclipse for coding, some people doesn't like it, but i think it is a quite good, it has code-complete auto formating

<deepank> ok, so pretty useful

<murielgodoi> yep. but it can seems a little bit confusing for new users

<deepank> I started compiling code on command line though ... I will move on to Eclipse in this project later on

<murielgodoi> you can try it, but you are free to decide the best for you, that is not a rule.

<deepank> yes I understand.

<murielgodoi> I agree about the question number 2

<deepank> Ok I will make the changes then

<murielgodoi> using espeak is a very interesting idea for internationalization and save disk space

<murielgodoi> I already tried that on my XO. how do you think we can do in order to improve the voice quality?

<deepank> Ok. I saw it on someone else's XO though. Should I apply for an XO in developer program or should I wait. I will have to talk about that with the developers.

<murielgodoi> wait for now... we should have arguments to ask XOs for you, and by now we don't have it further, when coding specific code for XO we can do that

<deepank> Yes very true, when we port the game to Xo then only I will require it I think. What is the exact procedure for the application. The GTK development can be done without that.

<murielgodoi> the second link about gobjects seems very instructive and easy to learn. I think in 2 weeks I will finish my master tasks and help you me in the code fix: help you more in the code

<deepank> thats great, Did you think about the design of

<murielgodoi> you can start by simple methods to listen gui events and change it in themmodel, remember the gui widgets are not coded in GTK, are in pgu, It is not a good idea mix gtk and pygame in the same code, for that reason the pgu library was used

<deepank> I have not gone through the pgu library, googling it

<murielgodoi> It is a simple one to code gui widgets using pygame and allows us create skins for it like as I did for create sugar skin

<deepank> yes, So my next task will be to get conversant with pgu library ....

<murielgodoi> yep.. that is a good begin

<murielgodoi> I just add food force artwork request there

<deepank> I think till now I am fairly good with python, I got a book from library and have been studying it.

<murielgodoi> great

<deepank> Do you find somethings which you would like to point out in the small code that I sent you earlier.

<murielgodoi> well as long as i read, it seems good. but I didn't performed a deep checking into it

<deepank> ok, what about the repository request. Is it still pending

<murielgodoi> yep... I don't know if they understantod me right... I will try to solve that by irc

<deepank> ok. So, what are the major tasks that should be done till the next week.

<murielgodoi> comunicate with (stripped from

<deepank> Yes, Any specific information that might prove helpful to us

<murielgodoi> for each control as 'buy' the view should send a message to the controller which will be listen for it and perform some method. that method will send a message to the model and perform the data update. I am still thinking in a way to the player set the quantity what will be bought. separate the 3 components in 3 model view control and learn how to send and receive message between them. simple messages by now

<deepank> hmm Are there any controls for building and upgrading level of faciilities

<murielgodoi> you can test it by using simple hello worlds

<deepank> right

<murielgodoi> it will be. but there is no gui for that developed in the view. checkout the Memorize code can be useful to see gobjects working in a real aplication

<deepank> So i should concentrate on message passing for now and don't go into the code of gui in pgu folder. Can you give me the link


<murielgodoi> additionally should be nice you install and try dopewars game... to see how the trade system works

<deepank> I will definitely

<murielgodoi> Can you pass the instructions to the others?

<deepank> Yes I will. Actually I forgot to tell you; due to the installation of Wi-Fi in the hostel, Anubhav and Ankur are facing problems. They have been in contact with me on the phone. Do you use GTalk or any other IM also.

<murielgodoi> I am not used to. but I can set gtalk up if it help us to better comunicate

<deepank> Ok then we should stick to IRC for now, I don't think gtalk is available in linux yet, though we can always use Pidgin or chat in browser.

<murielgodoi> ok I will set it up

<deepank> So let us meet on next Tuesday same time at olpc-foodforce channel.

<deepank> You will not require to set it up; just install pidgin or use it from mozilla itself.

<murielgodoi> ok at olpc-foodforce :)

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