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Possible Funding Sources

  • 826 Valencia: Children's education program in Chicago,
  • Community Outreach programs in Chicago area
  • Education grants and programs at local universities and colleges
  • ( - I think we fit pretty well into their inform & empower goal, but the application process may be a little long)
  • General Grants (Chris will look more into this)
  • Ben & Jerry's Foundation- request for small grants $1000 or less (
  • Community foundations in Chicago
  • Churches
  • City/Local government-special projects funding
  • Support for local businesses
  • Rotary International
  • Educate the Children Foundation ---> I don't know that they actually have money, but they'd probably be interested in OLPC, and easy to talk to since they're based in Barrington.


  • We're requesting funding fairly last minute, so having an organization who would be able to write off a few thousand dollars to us as a part of some existing program that they're doing would be ideal. To do this we should consider the following:
    • Focusing on groups that work on children's education, general community outreach, appropriate technologies & sustainable development, one's that fund and support non-profits or new initiatives or something along those lines so that the organizations values fit more closely with ILXO's.
    • Sticking to organizations in the Chicago area and offering our office space for them to use as their own hacking space
    • Offering organizations to "sponsor" some our workshops and/or classes and get some of our funding that way
    • What's the perceived value of funding us, what are we offering?


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