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Games Creation Tool for Children (GCTC)


[project homepage] Is an application which allows children to create their own simple computer games. It lets them design the game background, add sprites and sounds, and describe the rules that make up the game. It is a final year university project being undertaken by [Martin A Conaghan] at the [University of St Andrews,Scotland]

The application stores game specifications as XML files which can be used to generate executable python files. The GUI simplifies manipulation of the xml files. It is designed to be as simple as possible.

Currently work is being done to allow creation of multi player, networked games. This uses a simple Remote Procedure Call (RPC) system with UDP multicast.

The games which are generated make use of the Pygame module. There is also a preview function which lets the user see what the game will look like without objects moving around and sounds playing; this uses the Pygame module. The GUI uses the PyGTK module which in turn relies upon PyCairo and PyGObject. More information can be found at the PyGtk website. The software is compatible with Python 2.4 /2.5

It is very much a work in progress and feedback would be warmly accepted :)

Contact mac34 at st-andrews dot ac dot uk

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