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Getting Started XO Pune Camp was held on 1st March,2009 at Symbiosis Institute of Computer Science and Research, Pune.
The details of the sessions are as follows :-

The session started with initial round of introduction. (Samar please update with list of actual attendees)

The video of all the below sessions would be available soon for all those who missed the camp. :-)

Check some few pics on

Session 1

Sankarshan giving insight into OLPC project

The first session started with Introduction to OLPC which was conducted by Sankarshan Mukhopadhyay from The Fedora project.

They key points covered during first session.

  • One Laptop Per Child - Introduction (It's education project not a laptop project)
  • Howto get started with Sugar OS / Activities (No rocket science at all.. anyone can do it)
  • No matter what your interest is.. you can contribute to the project
  • Localization - How you can help in getting Sugar OS with activities in local language

We break for lunch in the noon.

Session 2

The next session was Introduction on Digital Bridge Foundation conducted by Amit Gogna from Digital Bridge Foundation.

The key points covered during the session.

Introduction to Digital Bridge Foundation (How it is going to be facilitator for creating grass root community around Project and connecting various key elements together.

The next to follow was presentation OLPC Startup 5 Easy Steps which has been prepared by Bryan Berry. The presentation basically brings out the learning from OLE (Open Learning Exchange) work in Nepal.Also it has a mention of various factors (things to do and not to do) to consider while building a grassroot community.

OLPC Startup 5 Easy Steps which were discussed :-

a) Organize a Small Community
b) Build a Product
c) Promote the Product
d) Build a Professional Organization
e) Organize a Deployment

Download the presentation :-

Session 3

Sankarshan on localization

The next session to follow was on localization conducted by Sankarshan.

a) It was basically live demo on how anyone can get started with localization on online portal
b) Also the localization files can be downloaded on your machine to do the same.

For more details:-

The next to follow was Tasks To Complete as OLPC Pune group members.

Tasks to Complete


Task break down for a potential deployment
Assessing a couple of more candidate sites and
rolling out a deployment at a single one
reviewing the mr_IN translations available
Taking up new or old activities


Assessing the content available at HBCSE in terms of packaging and distribution via the XO
Exploring existing learning content

Marketing / Outreach

Getting more folks in
Creating a messaging that can be handed over to anyone
Investigate areas and methods to raise funds for the group

Concluding Session

At the concluding session it was discussed that all interested members would come up with clear plan in next seven days on how they would like to contribute to this project by sending a email to the OLPC India list. It could be as simple as maintaining the wiki,building content,managing deployment etc. We would come up with comprehensive list for the tasks to do soon.

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