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GiveSomeGetSome is a program of Earth Treasury, not of OLPC itself.

Calculations based on the prices on OLPC's Give Many program page show that you can buy 100 XOs and give 50, or buy 1,000 and give 250, or buy 10,000 and give about 500. We plan to do that, and resell in smaller lots. We will also be able to connect you with services that can handle installation of XOs (including any required software updates), renewable power, servers, wireless networking, training, and other needs you may have.

We are currently in negotiations with One Laptop Per Child and Brightstar, its agent for GiveMany. We also have to make other arrangements for storage, shipping, ordering, and the rest, and for other products to go with XO installations. Let us know if your organization will have other needs.

We do not yet know how much cash is required in advance with orders, nor what the time to delivery will be. When we know, we will post the information here, and tell you how and where to place a real order.

Express your interest

If you would like to buy one or more XOs, you can place your name and estimated quantity here. Give us a clue how to get hold of you, such as a User: page on the Wiki. Or you can e-mail us your contact information and your thoughts and questions about ordering.

Dennis - project in Cape Town, South Africa. 10 OLPC units required. User:Denniss in africa

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