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We think Google Scholar has pdf copies of all the papers it searches. Ideally they would make it possible to put all their free content in an internet-available database. Alternatively we might want to make a link through an African educational institution that has access to many unfree publications.

  • Scripting will be required to download papers or to work to make papers as easily available as possible.

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Group: Literature

Group coordinator: None

Curators: None

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Scope Search results cover scholarly papers which are largely useful to educated adults.

Completeness Search results are as complete as as any other online lists of papers; however many papers will not be available freely.

Multilingualism Google Scholar searches papers in several languages; however the bulk of western scholarly work is published in English.

Quality Papers are frequently excellent; however they aren't very useful for children's education.

Freeness Many Papers are under copyright and expensive. Ideally we would be able to give people in developing countries access to these via education licenses or an online database of the free papers.

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