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A late-night braindump of some of the things we could/should be discussing this week... ChristophD 03:42, 7 June 2008 (EDT)


The biggest challenge for both OLPC and olpc grassroot organizations is communication.

Other than that there are 4 big themes within the olpc efforts at the moment:

  • community engagement: e.g. event organization, outreach to universities, schools
  • learning: e.g. content creation
  • deployment: e.g. logistics
  • (un-)networking: e.g. caching

Grassroot and similar organizations can actively contribute in all of these areas.

Food for thought

  • community ambassador
  • financial support for grassroots: e.g. travel scholarships
  • global grassroots conference
  • better collaboration and communication among grassroots
  • a million other things... ;-)
  • repair center infrastructures
  • information flow should be bidirectional - how can grassroots groups better tell each other and olpc what they are doing?
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