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Problem Statement

Write a program to calculate the Area of a N sided Regular polygon of given length.

A regular polygon is a Convex polygon having all sides equal and all angles hence equal to each other.

The area of the regular polygon = N/4 * (L^2) * (1/tan(PI/N)

Sample Output

You entered sides of polygon    = 4
You entered length of each side = 2
The Area of 4 Sided Polygon is 9.000002

Curriculum Connection

To solve this problem students will

  • Take input from user while displaying a message in waiting state
  • Make a Method and pass it the values as provided by user
  • Call the Method with the actual arguments
  • Print the output

Solution in RUBY

#To calculate Area of N-Sided Regular Polygon using Methods

# Take the Measurements of the Polygon from user
say("Enter Number of Sides of Polygon\n");        # Display a friendly message while waiting for user input
N = gets.to_f;                                    # Store the user input in floating point variable

print("You entered sides of polygon = ", N,"\n");

say("Enter the length of each side \n");          # Request user for polygon data
L = gets.to_f;                                    # Store input as floating point variable

print("You entered length of each side = ", L,"\n");

def poly_area(n,l)                                # Defining a method with 2 parameters n , l
                                                  # Note that n,l are formal arguments , whereas N,L are actual arguments

area = (n/4)*(1/(Math.tan(3.141592653/n)))*l*l;   # Using the Universal Area Formula : Area = N/4 * ( L^2) * Cot( PI / N)
print("The Area of ",N.to_i ," Sided Polygon is ",area,"\n") # Displaying the data after calculation

poly_area(N,L)                                    # This line is calling the method poly_area with 2 parameters N , L

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