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Based on the BookReport activity



1) Students submit health forms, answer quizzes, and complete mini activities

2) Students submit their results via the mesh network

3) Teacher laptops collect and store results from all students in the Journal

4) Teacher laptops can review individual reports

5) Teachers can review graphs of all data collected

6) The data is copied to a USB and uploaded to the internet


Concept Art


  • Library of health information
  • WebMD-style diagnosis
  • Anonymous questions from students, answered by teacher
  • Heart rate sensor
  • Colorblindness test

Adding your ideas

Edit the Ideas section on this wiki page, or e-mail ndoiron _at_

Type a list of quiz questions or health information in Word

Collect links to health resources online

Create a game in HTML / JavaScript


Steps 1-4 have already been developed for the BookReport activity. From a technical standpoint, the project is off to a good start.

What the project needs at this point is to determine where HealthReport will first be deployed, and what information they will be collecting.

Download the BookReport activity:

Source code:

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