How to type Greek characters on the XO-1s


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Because nothing is as easy as it looks, the insertion of Greek characters in the keyboard of the 30 already bought XO-1 laptops proved to be nothing but an automatic process. After our initial failure to write in Greek, the exchange of dozens of emails and a fruitless communication with the international OLPC team, we finally made it. We suggest you follow what seems to be the simplest and most easy-to-use process at the moment:

Starting from your Home view, select the Terminal application and type

nano .kbd

This will open up a blank file in which you type the following two lines:


XKB_VARIANT=”none-option grp:alt_shift_toggle

Press Ctrl+X and then Y to save file and exit the editor.

Press Alt+Ctrl+Erase to restart Sugar. Greek fonts are now available in all applications simply by pressing Alt+Shift.


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