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  • ~9am: Start of day
  • 10:30am - 11am: Intern Q&A time (Mel & Mel, Mia & Chris)
  • 11am: Scrum #1
    • What you've done since last scrum
    • What you'll do before next scrum
    • What's blocking you from doing so
  • Somewhere between 11:30 - 1: Lunch. (Whoever brings lunch that day gets to declare the start of lunch time. No work is allowed during lunch hour.)
  • 4:15-4:45: Intern Q&A time (Mel, Mel, & Mia)
  • Sometime before 5: Blogger of the day posts and announces the new post to all present in the office.
  • Sometime before 6: Hour of Sunlight. (We cannot get our hour of sunlight until the blog post has been put up for the day.)
  • 6:15: Scrum #2
  • 6:40: Run for train
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