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We are currently seeking an office location for June 15 - September 1, 2008.

Must have

  • 600+ square feet (probably 600-1000 square feet range)
  • easily accessible via public transport (which trains/buses?)
  • handicap-accessible
  • open to us 24/7 (how does building access work? security? visitors?)
  • have high-speed internet access available (how fast? from who? how much will it cost?)

Bonus points

  • open floorplans rather than isolated offices are a plus
  • parking available (how many spaces? private or public? how much does it cost?) Ideally we would love to have at least one parking space reserved for the Turtlemobile, our mobile office.

Other questions to ask

  • utilities - how much do they typically cost? What is included in the rent? (Water, heat/gas, AC, electricity...)
  • bathrooms - does it have one? if not, where is the nearest accessible bathroom?
  • equipment - is having a microwave/fridge/toaster in the office ok? Small electronic/mechanical fabrication devices (oscilloscopes, soldering irons, dremels, drills)?
  • modifications to the office - what can/can't we do with the space? Hang posters? Paint the walls? Put signs on the windows?
  • security and safety - what's the neighborhood like? Is it safe at night? What resources are there in the event of an emergency (police/fire/hospital nearby)?
  • repairs - who is responsible for them and how would we go about contacting you in the event of an emergency? If something breaks, should we call the landlord, fix it and get reimbursed, etc...?
  • other (insurance?

Good things to know

  • We have funds available for deposits and the first few months of rent.
  • Any discounts or donations we could get would be greatly appreciated (and would allow us to use our limited funds on outreach programs instead) - we'll be bringing a lot of positive publicity to your organization/location, and can negotiate classes and/or engineering/design/computer work as part of an exchange.
  • To sweeten the deal on discounts, donations to ILXO are tax-deductible (and you can typically mark up discounts as such on your tax returns).
  • We'd prefer a short-term (3-month, June 1 - Sep 1) lease, but may make exceptions and sign a year-long lease for a really awesome place.
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