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  • pack
  • move things to maker house
  • drive back to farrington - everyone sleeps there


  • check out of the farrington
  • go to solidworks seminar, 9-12
  • at this point we split into 2 groups...
    • group A (Chris and Nikki)
      • gets the overnight bags for all 4 of us
      • gets dropped off at T/South station
      • catches 2pm fung wah bus to NYC
      • checks all 4 of us into Jazz Hostel Lenox
    • group B (Mel and Tank)
      • drops group A off at T/south station
      • returns to maker house and packs Tank's car
      • drives Tank's car to NYC, parking in north of Manhattan, 3976 10th av - need to estimate arrival time within 1 hour
  • all 4 of us regroup at the open planning project offices, 349 West 12th Street #3, at 7:30pm
  • continue with grassroots jam stuff as usual


  • grassroots jam, no travel


  • grassroots jam in the morning
  • lunch: split into 2 groups
    • group A (tank chris)
      • continue with jam - clean up, get feedback, etc.
      • wander around nyc, have fun
      • stay in nyc
    • group B (mel nikki)
      • catches 12pm fung wah bus back to Boston
      • ellen will drive to ipswitch; minivan title-switch
      • stay with ellen in boston


  • group A (tank, chris)
    • drive to Chicago
    • sleep along the way
  • group B (mel, nikki)
    • fedex super-express car title to IL
    • debrief at 1cc
    • hang out in boston
    • sleep at ellen's in boston


  • group A (tank, chris)
    • continue drive to Chicago
  • group B (mel, nikki)
    • hang out in boston


  • group A (tank, chris)
    • hopefully be in chicago
  • group B (mel, nikki)
    • get license plates!
    • get van!
  • load van at maker house
    • drive to chicago
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