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These interview scripts are for use in Improving the Deployment Toolkit. They provide a way of gathering ideas from those with recent experience of using the Deployment Guide and related documents.


These interviews should result in the following:

  • Knowledge of information people need during a deployment but cannot find in the Deployment Guide
    • Either because it is not there
    • or it is difficult to find
    • or it is not explained sufficiently well to be of use to the people using the guide to do a deployment
  • Lessons learned from deployments for incorporation into the guide
  • Additional information that can be copied into or referenced from the Deployment Guide
    • Additional information people have found outside the Deployment Guide
    • Additional information people have developed in the form of papers, educational videos or other material

Interview Principles

  1. These are guidelines for input and should be refined and developed by whoever is running this process
  2. Start interviews with an introduction into what you are doing
  3. Initial questions should be open ended rather than closed and directing to get people's strongest experiences out on the table early
    1. e.g. start with What was your experience like? Tell me more about that...
    2. Avoid directing questions too early on like "What was missing that you needed?" as these may naturally lead on from their experience and you are more likely to get a complete picture of their experience if you allow them to relate it to you in a way that comes naturally to them - rather than in the order that your questions are written down in. Different people experience, think, and relate to things differently. You are asking them to take you with them on a replay of their journey to discover what they learned.
  4. Follow-on questions should become increasingly detailed
    1. Tell me more about that...
    2. How else did that affect what you were doing?
    3. How did you solve that problem?
    4. Are there any lessons learned that could help people on other deployments?... anything else?...
  5. Let them finish answering each question fully before moving on
  6. Let them follow lines of thought even if moving away from the question; memory is associative - one leads to another; there could be something important there they are trying to share: allow them to share it, explore it fully, then return to the question asked so they can also answer that

Interviewing someone who led a deployment

  1. Introduction
    1. Hello I am ...., I am part of a team that is reviewing the lessons learned from recent deployments to help improve the deployment guide
  2. Questions about the deployment
    1. Can you tell me a bit about your deployment?
      1. Where did you deploy the laptops?
      2. To how many people?
      3. What were the main challenges?
      4. Can you tell me about some of the success stories?
  3. Questions about the deployment guide
    1. How did you find using the deployment guide?
    2. How did the rest of the team find it?
    3. Were you able to find the information you needed?
      1. If not, why not?
        1. Was it missing?
        2. Was it unclear?
        3. Did it not cover the specifics of your situation?
    4. How could we improve the deployment guide?
      1. What information should we add?
      2. What challenges did you have that need to be addressed in more detail?
      3. Was it easy to use? How could we improve that?
      4. Did you update the deployment guide wiki during your deployment?
      5. How do you think we could make it easier for people to share their lessons learned?
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