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ISS - OLPC Peripheral Dev

8/27/08 nlee: documentation = good! Need has documentation to pass

nlee: talked to Oscar - he says OK as advisor, but needs a good course proposal. When are we going to meet? How often? Frequency of design reviews? At least 30 minutes a week.

objectives of class:

  • Significant work done on some meaningful "aka useful" (nontrivial) peripherals for the XO
  • Well documented
    • enough that if we don't finish, someone outside could pick it up and continue working on it.
    • self explanatory documentation
  • implied - anything made is released open-source
    • most restrictive CC license is fine


  • finished product
  • working prototype
  • breadboard (minimum)
  • pcb (stretch)
  • something cheaply bagged in kit-form for kiddies with soldering irons (stretch stretch goal!)
    • discussion: question as to the value of premade circuit boards
    • clarification: something cheap and easy to reproduce, basically

learning objectives

  • Competencies
    • Communication = documentation
  • Design
    • Timescale
      • Dev first, then document?
      • No, do simultaneously
  • Context
    • "Olin graduates will demonstrate knowledge of the ethical, professional, business, social, and cultural contexts of engineering, and the ability to articulate their own professional and ethical responsibilities."

  • Lifelong learning
    • STU course - independent research


  • Jay suggests trying to front-load this class -- work harder early in the semester, saves pwnage from finals/projects
    • 4 hrs/wk initially


  • 50% design review
    • break down into
      • functional prototype, etc
  • 50% documentation


  • groups
  • timescale
    • design review every two weeks

  • universities list note: documentation -- keep in contact about list for "ip restrictions at university"
  • issues that may arise as stuff that may be done for a class -- release of own work, for example
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