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Our Input/Output device is for XO Smartphone, consisting of a larger LCD and a keyboard set. It may look like a very thin laptop.

We hope to pour SUGAR UI onto some existing smartphone models from open source communities, e.g, FIC Neo1973 and Chumby. Neo1973 is our first consideration and we are substituting its GSM chips with Marvell wifi chip, same to XO. Because Neo1973 has a tiny display, 2.8", it can't be used as a normal laptop. So, we added additional input/output device using USB2.0 port of Neo1973. Currently, Neo1973 is on OpenMoko UI, an open source program. Both OpenMoko and SUGAR are on the same linux kernel, 2.6.X.

Then, we hope our XO smartphone use OpenMoko UI when standalone and SUGAR UI when attached to Input/output device.

The prototype of it will show itself with XO Smartphone, no later than the end of May.

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