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How did you do the testing:

  • If the Laptop is XO1.0 download the developer key. If it is XO1.5 no need a developer key
  • Using the terminal activity get a copy of the developer key and save in centralized place.
  • Disable the security
  • Download the latest releases of the OS and save it in the USB memory stick
  • If the Laptop is XO1.0 download the firmware as well and saves in the USB memory stick. If it is a XO1.5 no need to manually update the firmware; it will automatically update while updating the OS. But the user wants to update it manually, user can do.
  • Some of the laptops are installed the OS without disabling the security. Then got stuck (This problem has solved using different way and it has mentioned in the guide document with full details)

What kind of problems that you had to face:

When installing the OS according to the steps that mentioned in the official website, it was not worked.

Defects you have found:

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