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OLPC uses <a href="">IRC</a> to communicate. It connects to the <a href="">Freenode</a> public IRC network. You should be automatically joined to the #OLPC-Help channel, or c hatroom. The users on IRC are from all parts of the world, and discussion on most every topic is taking place somewhere.


You can enter commands to the chat program to interact with it. To say a command, begin your message with a forward slash /. To join a channel (think: chatroom) named #OLPC, type:/join #OLPC. To set your name, type: /nick NAME.

IRC Channels

In IRC, group chatrooms are called channels and begin with the hash symbol: #.

Some useful channels related to OLPC are:

  • #OLPC - One Laptop Per Child discussion and development center
  • #Sugar - Sugar (the OLPC user interface software) development and support
  • #OLPC-Content - Library and Content coordination
  • #OLPC-Pootle - OLPC Localization and Internationalization effort
  • #OLPC-Help - The community support group for One Laptop Per Child and G1G1
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