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Lesson Plan for <Grade level>

Subject: English Language

Topic: Singular and Plural


  • To help the pupils understand the concept of changing words from singular to plural and how to use them in their daily speech.


  • Flash drives ( To show the changing of words from singular to plural)
  • XO laptops

Steps: Teacher's and Children's Activity

Introduction:a counting song to prepare the children’s minds to be able to understand the plural of words. The teacher inserts the Flash Drive containing the song, and the children sing along to one of the songs, for example “one, two, three, I can see the bird…” Watch/listen and sing along.

Step 1: The teacher writes the words on a chalk board in singular and explains how they can be changed to plural. Example:

Box – Boxes

Church – Churches

Bus – Buses etc

The teacher puts on the song again to help the pupils understand the concept of plural Listen, observe, read and sing with the recorded voice(s) on the XO laptop

Step 2 Teacher groups into four groups. Lets the pupils practice on the computers writing words in singular and changing them to plural. Example:

Bench – Benches

Fox – Foxes

The teacher then goes around helping different groups and working together with them Get into groups according to teacher’s instructions and start working as instructed

Step 3

Activities: pupils come together and present whatever they have done in their groups and start learning together. Teacher helps where necessary. Come together and present their work on the computer


  • a song, “one, two, three…” Sing together
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