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The college educational system of South Korea consists of the two different system, undergraduate courses (3~4 years) and graduate courses (1~5 years).


Summary of undergraduate courses in South Korea

For full information, visit here and click the Excel file attached.

  • At the end of 2006', there are 335 colleges(or universities), 3,255,745 students, 19,322 courses, 38,456 office workers and 67,211 professors(or instructors). We estimate there should be an extra OLPC per 100 citizens. So, we need (3,255,745 x 101% = ) about 3,510,000 Type III OLPC(itizen)s at minimum and 110,000 Type III OLPCs for instructors/office workers.
  • As we expect One Server per Class, we need 80,000 servers. However, there are some courses whose students are less than 100, a little more servers will be needed.
  • Estimated budget: 480,300,000 dollars at least.

Summary of graduate schools in South Korea

At the end of 2006', there are and 1,436 graduate colleges

Master degrees

There are 9,259 master degree courses and 243,833 students. So, we need (243,833 x 101% = ) about 246,000 Type III OLPC(itizen)s at minimum, and about 10,000 servers.

  • Estimated budget: about 81,000,000 dollars at minimum

Doctoral degree

There are 3,596 doctoral courses and 46,196 students. So, we need (46,196 x 101% = ) about 47,000 Type III OLPC(itizen)s at minimum, and about 4,000 servers.

  • Estimated budget: about 7,110,000 dollars at minimum

Subtotal: we need at least 558.41 million dollars for middle or (under)graduate students.'

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