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This page describes the format that quiz questions are in, default quiz question files included in the kuku bundle, and instructions for editing these files to put in your own quiz questions.


Question format

Questions and answers are effectively equivalence classes. In the most abstract rendition, a question/answer pair could be any two elements drawn from an equivalence class; the player would have to figure out the equivalence (or have a hint from the context of that level) and choose the best match. Making a board for these equivalences would require having a sufficiently large pool of possible answers, a way of randomly selecting entries from the available pool, including at least one equivalent item, and a way to determine equivalence.

Example: numbers and equations

  • The equivalence class could consist of the equation, and the set of all numbers which on evaluation satisfy it. One could simply store equations and, when generating the board, be sure to generate at least one number by plugging an integer into the equation.
    In question: when is equivalence tested? When the board is seeded or when an answer is selected? Right now this happens when the answer is selected.

Example: numbers and images

  • The equivalence class could also consist of a key (for the class), a primary element in the equivalence class (a canonical 'question' for many answers, if one exists), and a set of equivalent entries.
    For instance: "one" [the key], an image string for an image of the numeral 1, and images of 1 piece of various fruits and other objects. the images would all be thumbnailed to the same small size. This could work with the current memory number game, for instance.

Current Format

Questions and answer pairs are listed each on a line with an = sign separating the question and answer. For example:

5 + 5 = 10

Right now, questions must be just text which is rendered to the screen. A question with a % sign in front of it indicates that the question is a 'multiples' type of question.

stub - describe current format


describe file layout

Changing the Game Levels

You can change the types of questions that Kuku uses. You should can see a list of the files that kuku uses by looking in the folder


There is a special file called


Open that file in a text editor, and you should see lines of question like

3 + 4 = 7
41 + 94 = 135
-5 + -10 = -15
-765 - -269 = -496
4 + 9 = 13
92 - 78 = 14
40 / 10 = 4
7802 / 83 = 94
#make sure you leave this line!

Anything to the left side of the = sign is the question, and the answer is to the right. Feel free to edit this file - the only thing you have to make sure is

  • your answers is an integer
  • your answers are correct!
  • you leave the line that says "#make sure you leave this line!"

Be sure to save the file. You are now one step away from making Kuku ask the questions you want. Open up the file


At the very bottom, you will find a line that looks like

#QUESTION_FILES = ["question_files/arithmetic/my_questions.dat"]

Change this to (i.e. remove the # sign)

QUESTION_FILES = ["question_files/arithmetic/my_questions.dat"]

then save the file and restart the game. You should now be playing Kuku with your questions. You can add as many questions as you want!

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