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  • A-Test board (bare motherboards)
  • B1 machines (identifiable by a B1-TEST SAMPLE label under the battery)
  • B2-1 machines (identifiable by B2-TEST SAMPLE and B2-1 through B2-16 labels under the battery)
  • B2-2 machines (identifiable by B2-7-ext label under the battery)
  • B3 machines (colored cover-plate; identifiable by a B3-TEST SAMPLE label under the battery)
  • B4 machines (textured handle; colored cover-plate; identifiable by a B4-TEST SAMPLE and B4-1 through B4-16 labels under the battery)
  • Preproduction (C1 machines) (fully textured; identifiable by a C-TEST SAMPLE and C-1 through C-6 labels under the battery)
  • Mass production (C2 machines) (fully textured; identifiable by a OLPC XO-1 and CE certification labels under the battery)

(See the Laptop Development Schedule for a more detailed description of the various development systems.)

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