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Notes from Nigeria 5/07





Today, we went to their neighborhood local stores and shops to look for materials we could use in our effort to keep the XOs from falling [off the desks] so much. Then I explained to the whole class that we were going to try out different ideas on the XOs and that they had to help us telling which ones worked best... So far

Surgical gloves: not working. They break. We tried different ways. Also, the material is too thin.

The net-kind-of-thing to shower with: it's easy to place and remove, it doesn't need glue. It's not as anti-slip as other materials.

The electrical tape: easy to place and remove. Not as anti-slip as other materials. We also combined it with other methods.

The erasers: They are small. They are glued to the bottom corners. Erasers are so anti-slip, though,that every time you rub them they tend to leave a piece of themselves on the surfaces. Will get smaller and smaller over time. We tried different sizes and shapes on different XOs.

Motorbike tube: It's not expensive, could be used for many. Very anti-slip. We placed them in different parts, with different designs.

The fastener: Very anti-slip.

--Carla Gomez Monroy, Learning Consultant, OLPC

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