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This page is meant to serve as a focal point for collecting and discussing information, experiences, and documents related to lesson plans involving the use of XOs and/or Sugar.


  • Let people know this page exists;-)
  • Build list of people who are interested in this topic.
  • Collect existing materials from different deployments (e.g. Nepal, Nosy Komba, Australia, Haiti, ...)
  • Consider building a common template and maybe also a platform for sharing lesson plans (Note: Claudia Urrea is working on similar efforts)


Please use this space to add relevant resources and links to existing resources.


Please use this space to add existing templates or other relevant information.

Suggestion by Tracy

  • A title
  • Purpose for the activity (outcomes)
  • Subject Areas (multi select: English/ Literacy; Mathematics/ Numeracy; Science and Technology; History/ Social Sciences; The Arts; Health/Personal Development; Languages)
  • Age Ranges (multi select: 5 years and younger, 6-8 years, 9-11 years, 12 years +)
  • XO Activities used
  • The lesson itself
  • Contributed by

Reader contributions of:

  • Adaptations of the lesson
  • A space for teachers who have taught the lesson to comment on the experience (not sure what to call it). They could share what went well, what didn't go well, how the students responded, tech tips, photos or videos of the lesson, etc... (I think sharing the real-life experience of teaching these lessons would be more beneficial than the plan itself)

Template used by OLPC Jamaica

  • Theme
  • Sub-Theme
  • Date
  • Age Group

Circle Time:

  • Activity Title
  • Duration
  • Development objectives
  • Concepts / Content
  • Materials
  • Introduction

Guided Learning:

  • Activity #1 (Description)
  • Objectives
  • Materials needed

Creative Activity (Guided Learning)

  • Activity
  • Objective
  • Materials

Reflections Evaluations

  • Text

Template used in the Reef and Rainforest Wiki

  • Class teacher
  • Name of school
  • Year
  • Lesson Title
  • Date
  • Learning Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, learners should be able to
  • Introduction
  • Teacher activities
  • Learner activities
  • Conclusion
  • Learner evaluation


Template used in OLE Nepal's Grade 5 Science materials

  • Recommended week
  • Learning areas:
  • Learning archievement
  • Elaboration
  • Objective of the activity
  • How to use the activity: Lesson, Exercises, Self-Assessment
  • Recommend Pre-EPaath activity
  • Recommended Post-EPaath activity
  • Recommend e-library activity
  • Recommended group activity
  • Recommended home assignments
  • Similar / related activities
  • Teaching tips
  • Useful Websites

Sugar Labs

Other notes

  • a "in field" / "in class" / "both" field (Dominik)
  • works on XO / SoaS (Dominik)
  • include other types of teaching aids not only a standarized lesson plan form, e.g. - lessons tips: one/two sentences + a pic (i.ex. a composition in physics) (Dominik)
  • not ‘overdoing’ a template if the goal is to attract user-generated content (Tracy)
  • not prescribtion lesson plans, rather focus on empowering and inspiring (Tracy, Claudia)


Please use this space to add your thoughts, ideas, comments, questions, etc. about a platform to facilitate the process of sharing lessons plans and other materials.

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