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The MapStats activity can introduce students to basic queries. Queries are used to read information out of a database.

A query can be made by selecting values from a list, then pressing Run.


The above query colors countries with any (ocean) coastline red. It can be run on any of the standard maps.

Name Queries

Each place has a name. You can use the query SELECT WHERE (name) IS (equal to) ( India ) to select India.

See what happens when you use (less than) or (greater than) with the (name) property.

Be aware: the Asia map may light up only part of some countries.

Historical Queries

Each country has a year of independence, and each state in the USA has two years (of becoming a US territory and becoming a state).

Be aware:

  • SELECT WHERE (independence) IS (equal to) ( 1960 ) selects only countries which gained their independence in 1960.
  • To select countries which gained independence by 1960, use (independence) IS (less than) ( 1961 )
  • The (territory) year is when the land was acquired, not the same as when it became an official territory

The years chosen were collected from Wikipedia and other online sources - there is no political intent.

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