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Version 0.2‎
- unzip it on your usb stick rootfolder or make a folder
- open the terminal activity
- cd /media/your_usb_sticks_name/*folder(if needed)
- python
- Try it out and enjoy!


I'm writing an activity for the XO called: Math-XO. It's an activity where children can practise their basic math skills with. The basics are: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.
It will help the children to become better at Math.

The way of learning

The learning process of this activity is visual. If there is a question given, the user steers the mouse to the number buttons and gives an answer. (The user can see what he's doing) If this wasn't so, the user would give the answer trough using the keyboard and wouldn't see what's happening on the screen. I think that the visual way of giving answers, stimulates the learning process.


The children should help each other with the math exercises. But this is doing nothing with the mesh networking at all. So I was thinking about a challenge mode were children do a number of exercises, and then the activities compares the answers with the answers of other children. The chilren will practise more to become the best.

The targeted group

The group of children that should be using my activity, should be between 6 and 10 years old. I later build a better version with implemented age control, so the kids of an age of 6 will not get 22x22.

The Interface (simple art)

The menu:
In the menu, the users can switch between: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

The Virtual Keyboard:
There are 10 numbers on the virtual keyboard. They all contain the values that are printed on it. The V button on my design picture gives the user input to the activity, that it can check the answer. The X button is used to erase the given answer before using the V button.

Current Status

- Virtual Keyboard
- Menu Buttons
- Random questions
- A cheap 'Wrong or Right' reward


- Rewards
- Score
- .xo package

Give me Suggestions

User name Your Suggestion My Comment
garthoid Perhaps a happy sound on correct answer/no sound on incorrect test
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