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Mecitözü Kız YİBO ("Mecitözü Kız Yatılı İlköğretim Bölge Okulu") refers to a public elementary boarding school in the Mecitözü district ((Mecitözü on WP) of Çorum province (Çorum on WP) in Turkey. This school is the current leading candidate for the one school OLPC Turkey pilot project.


General Characteristics

The school is a public elementary school with 317 students: 106 boarding students, all of which are female, and 211 non-boarding students about half male and half female. The boarding students come from 24 different villages in the area that don't have proper elementary schools. (In Mecitözü, there is also the Atatürk YİBO in which all boarding students are male)

The school has 15 teachers: 5 elementary school, 1 mathematics, 2 science, 2 Turkish literature, 1 geography, 1 physical education, 1 arts, and 2 foreign language and/or computer education teachers.

Technical Characteristics Related to the OLPC Turkey Pilot Project

Both the school building and the dormitory has electricity and Internet connection. (This section will soon be updated with more specific information on electric power and Internet bandwidth)

Reasons for Choice as the Pilot School

Mecitözü Kız YİBO has the following features that make it an appropriate choice for the pilot project:

  1. The students mainly come from families that cannot afford laptops.
  2. The school has electricity and Internet connection and is easily accessible from Ankara (where the local support group for the pilot project, İLKYAR, resides)
  3. The teachers, the school administration, the governor and the director of education of Mecitözü are very enthusiastic and willing to become the pilot school (as reported by İLKYAR).
  4. The school already has a computer lab and a computer education teacher (even though the teacher is currently on leave for military service, either this teacher or another might be provided when the pilot is on)

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