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Record Random observations... thoughts, comments here.

eg. No way to go to links in wikipedia when in ebook mode.

Sat 20 December 2008

  • On Ubuntu: apt-get install sugar sugar-activities; sugar-emulator
    • Gotcha: leaves processes behind, fix with:
  ps aux|grep sugar|awk '{print $2}'|xargs kill -9
  • bugs in finding other laptops in neighbourhood. Sometimes we found the network was effectively partitioned and some could only see one or two, or none
  • Browse - right click on a link to see the url, the context menu appeared over to the right (of the mouse click, still on the rather long url text) and the url was off the side of the screen. Alt-tab with the menu present left the context menu there on top of the other activities (terminal & journal)
  • The text on a submit button in Browse is white (invisible) on hover (eg. initial page)
  • (Tested on XO, Build: 767, Sugar 0.82.1, Firmware Q2E18, machine as shipped in Dec08 G1G1 programme, not updated via Internet). Not all activities are able to start up correctly . e.g. Pippy version 20 - clicking on icon displays bootup screen for approx 1 min then returns to home screen. Same also applies to TamTam Mini version 46, TamTam Edit version 47, TamTam Jam, version 48 and TamTam Synth Lab version 48. Comparing to other macines in testing group, seems like an update via the Internet will give a later version of Pippy that works. Not sure about others.
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