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Thanks to all the testers. It was good to see new testers using the bug tracking systems.


Modem Configuration

Seems to require a non blank entry into the username and password fields, just entering the letter a was enough

XO1 OS359


crashes on talking with the ai Speak18 XO1 OS359

Resolved: reduced AIML db by one third and add free memory check to not load db if there is not too much memory. These changes comes with newly released v19

Musicpainter activity

Xo1.5 OS367au

Sound crashed and unable to be restarted

Thumbnail activity

Phantom icons left in frame after stopping the activity Xo1.5 OS367au

Thumbnail activity (enhancement)

Can't easily get image to clipboard or journal Xo1.5 OS367au

Help activity


What is Sugar

"documents will eventually by synced"

by -> be

Distance activity

tried xo1.0 - xo1.0 and xo1.5 - xo1.5

(using an xo1.5 hosted ad hoc network if that matters)

distances erratic, all over the place

Power logging

The laptops were run on battery power and the power logs saved:

Other testing

OS367au tested flash on random utube video

tested sugarcommander V6 ok

tested various configurations of net access, 3G dongle, ad hoc network, wifi hotspot OK

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