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Testing Melbourne OLPC group

The Hub, Docklands Sat 12-4

(third saturday of the month)

Testing OS22 XO1.0 and 77 olpc au (sparse) XO1.5

OS22 and 23 would not install on one XO1.0 that had a number of bad memory blocks

Installed OS22 ok on 3 other XO1.0 (no bad blocks in blue area)

Then installed os23 ok on 3 xo’s

testing by Kathy Reid 18 June 2011

OS22 XO1.0

- tested write = ok

- tested sound output = ok

- tested video input via recording = ok

- tested browse = ok

testing by tony

Os77au would not allow me to attach a jpg to an email, journal showed filename.jpg but it attached as filename.jpg.jpe Was able to use another OS (373pyg) to strip the jpe and mail the attachment

OS22 Paint failed on area select tool

seems ok on os23

OS22 home/network/friends buttons not working

ok on os23

OS22 Cant type into browse home page search boxes but can type into

ok on os23

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