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The purpose of this page is to capture ideas on how the laptops could be used to empower their users to create microbusinesses. Information could include concepts, urls to examples of other microbusinesses, and contact information for follow up.

Please feel free to add ideas/comment, and to contact tekelsey "at" gmail "dot" com if you're interested.



Laptop users who have access to an Internet connection could conceivably use Voice-Over-Internet software such as an adaptation of Googletalk or Skype to engage in any microbusiness involving verbal communication. This could include interpretation, translation, pronunciation, and other areas.

  • related phenomena: skype "prime" is in beta, allows for a skype user to charge skype credits to speak for a certain period of time. Question: could skype be used on laptops? could a similar feature be integrated with Googletalk?


Laptop users with access to an Internet connection.

  • Translation/chat discussion?
  • Web development/maintenance?
  • The "Kids that Could" outsourcing?

Requiring no Internet connection

  • Artwork: Connect with fair-value art organization and include some in-language content helping children to explore art, and encouraging them to learn how to create indigenous artwork (from their communities/elders?, and providing a way to sell such artistic works in other areas of the world?

Research/Discussion Questions

  • How to maintain safety/anonymity of microbusiness participants?
  • A long-term plan of what it would take to help people learn the skills that they could then teach others.
  • Does this relate to microfinancing?
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