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How to use Mnemosyne on OLPC OS.

Mnemosyne is a spaced repetition flash card application.

To install on OLPC OS 13.1.0 or later:

  • connect the XO to the internet,
  • switch to GNOME desktop,
  • start Applications -> System Tools -> Terminal, and at the prompt type:
sudo yum install -y mnemosyne
  • wait for it to finish installing ... it cost something like 80 MB of downloads and disk space,
  • start a web browser such as Firefox or Epiphany, go to click on "Download", then "Download user-contributed card sets", and pick a card set to download, and save it to the Downloads folder (which is the default),
  • start the program from the menu; Applications -> Education -> Mnemosyne,
  • go through the first run wizard,
  • import the downloaded card set; File -> Import ..., set "File format" to "Mnemosyne 2.x *.cards files", browse to the file to import from (downloaded in step 4 above), then click on "Ok".

You will be presented with the cards one by one. The answer will be hidden, but you must reveal it by pressing space or enter. Then you should score yourself on how well you knew the card, by pressing a number between 0 and 5. Once you have run out of cards, come back later, next day, to test your memory.

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