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NEXC is the title given to the E-Library content on the NEXS school server. This page aims to document its setup.

The source of the library content is the online version at Content is uploaded here and our aim is basically to replicate this site onto the school servers. Special considerations apply because the online version is running on a different distribution with various different settings from the school server setups.

The primary way to install the content components is by placing them in a special arrangement on a USB disk. For most components, a network-based update is also possible. See the sub-pages listed below for full details on each component.

Further work can be done in future to integrate these processes with the main server, and also to improve the network updates so that less human interaction is needed.

Various scripts referred to on these pages are available in the NEXC-maint repository at


  • The latest version of NEXC intended for deployment is NEXC 2009-11-11
  • Stable and development versions are announced to the team@olenepal mailing list.
  • NEXC versions including stable and testing can be found at smb://fileserver/Deployment/NEXC/.
  • Information about NEXC changes can be found out at NEXC Release Notes.


Each page listed below details the source of the content and how to install it on the school server.

  1. NEXC Fedora - E-library backend
  2. NEXC Fez - E-library frontend
  3. NEXC Wiktionary - clone of - an english dictionary
  4. NEXC Sabdakos - a Nepali definition dictionary
  5. NEXC Wiki4schools - wikipedia snapshot for schools
  6. NEXC EPaath - B0 (complete) version of EPaath hosted on the school server
  7. NEXC External content - supporting content for the E-library

NEXC Release Procedure

Every NEXC release would be done per 3 months. The NEXC would contain all the required contents that have been enlisted above irrespective of the fact that there might not be any changes. The contents to change most often are NEXC Fedora, NEXC Epaath, and NEXC External content. The rest of the contents remain quite static, but they will be bundled in every release. The script copies all the required data from the backup machine, bundles it as various archives (tar.bz2, zip, gz), creates the checksum file and copies all the content bundles along with their checksum file to the output directory. The script creates bundle for NEXC Fedora, NEXC Fez, NEXC Sabdakos, NEXC EPaath, and NEXC External content. The script can be downloaded at The creates the necessary content structure on the output directory specified by the user that is recognizable by NEXS4 usbmount scripts. The script can be downloaded at

Abhishek will be maintaining the NEXC releases and announcing it to The deployment team are required to use the script to prepare their NEXC USB disk for updating content over the schoolservers.

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