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General # CSS page turning # touch gestures # more touch gestures # JS framework from WebOS

  • CScott likes this, I just wish I could trust that EnjoJS2 will actually happen and be supported # filesystem for JS-in-browser # "interactive object model" on top of canvas # first-class Font objects. # JS Speech API # JS character recognition! # music toy # module system # debug javascript running in node using the webkit debugger (an actual port of the webkit debugger code, rewritten as a standalone web page which communicates with node -- over websockets?) # diff algorithm (used by webkit debugger somehow) # JSARToolKit is an augmented reality library for JavaScript.

  • Do drawing program, that lets you draw on things in the real world. Ie, if you put the QR code on your shirt, I can take a picture of you wearing it and then draw a moustache and funny hair on you. Now when I hold up my camera and take a picture of you, the moustache and funny hair follow you wherever you go!
  • rotate after you draw, then draw some more, like # SproutCore, Amber # "you can think of KO as a general way to make UIs for editing JSON data"

  • Maybe try to use this for the story editor # Fast js face detection # WebGL terrain editor # cross-platform wrapper for HTML local storage APIs

CSA wishlist: a 'console' that runs in the browser which lets you execute 'console-mode' javascript tools, with standard unixy stdin/stdout/pipe goodness. ie, "js$ hello-world.js | wc.js > output.txt"

Apps, not libraries:


There seems to be momentum behind the "Promises/A" syntax (as opposed to the gjs API which I wrote for litl).



Not really JS

Move these?



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