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Activity Development

  • How you can get involved -- We are really looking for Squeak experts!
  • Help us test our activities -- see our online project management application
  • Make our Squeak activities collaborative and take advantage of the XO's built-in collaboration features
  • For more information about E-Paath and Etoys, see your E-Paath/Etoys [[OLE_Nepal_Etoys|wiki page.

Other Technical Support

  • Help us build the E-Pustakalaya and add content to it
  • Translate Etoys, Scratch, and other applications in Pootle
  • Translate the Teacher Training guide into English
  • Create help files for activities such as gcompris, MaMaMedia, Go, and others
  • Set up a Scratchr website for the Scratch activity hosted in Nepal
  • Set up a Scratchr-like website for for TamTam so kids can easily share their musical creations


In general, you can contribute a whole lot to this project without actually being in Nepal. Particularly, in testing activities and developing new Squeak-based activities.

We do have a number of Nepali volunteers and three current foreign volunteers. We are always looking for Squeak experts to come to Nepal and help us build our knowlege of Squeak. We are always looking for Sugar experts for similar reasons.

If you are in Nepal, there is an immense amount you can do in developing learning materials, testing software and network connectivity, among other avenues.

Financial Support for the Project

We operate the test schools on a shoestring budget. We could really appreciate donations for the following items.

  • 8 sticks of 1 GB RAM
    • 3 for the E-Library
    • 3 for the Internet Cache for the pilot schools
    • 2 for graphics workstations in the OLE Nepal office
  • 1 U rack server for hosting the E-Library in a Kathmandu datacenter
  • Any Cat 6 cable we can get our hands on - we use it to connect the long-haul radios to the school premises.

I should note that these requests are specific to OLE Nepal, an organization working w/ the government of Nepal, currently on the Bishwamitra and Bashuki pilot schools.

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